Sunday, February 22, 2009

Captivating Capiz-Places to Visit

Captivating Capiz is one of province of the Philippines that is considered to be the seafood capital of the country because of its abundance of the natural resources get from its surrounding sea. Crab, diwal (angel wings, a popular seashell that is abundant in the place), oysters and shrimps can be bought in cheap from different small stalls gathered in the surrounding beaches of the province. The place is also known to have a lot of dried fish sold in their local markets. Aside from being known to be the largest source of tasty seafoods in the country, Capiz is also known to have several amazing places where tourists are really attracted. Some of them are the following:

a. Olotayan Island - It is an island that can be overseen whenever you are in the Roxas City beaches. Its white sand makes it to be a potential future Boracay Island of the province. The place is not yet developed but it already attracted a lot of divers and jet ski hobbyists. The combination of the black sand and white sand in its beaches making it unique and very eye catching. If you're a nature lover and love a peaceful place to have your vacation, Olotayan Island is for you. The place is not yet populated and does not have any night life yet which is very suited to people who wants to sleep in a very peaceful night.

b. The Ancestral House of Pres. Manuel A. Roxas - This is the birthplace of first president of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Manuel A. Roxas. The original house still stands at its original site at corner Rizal-Zamora Streets, a few minutes walk from the City hall and the City plaza.

c. Ang Panubli-on, the Roxas City Museum - This is one of the remains of the WWII in Capiz which is only converted into a museum to showcase the art and culture of the native of Capiz, now and then.

d. Balay Capiznon (Previously was the Roxas City Product Display Center) - The venue is the place where the local products of Capiz are displayed. It is located at the foot of the Capiz Bridge and is in the vicinity of the Rizal Monument and the Capiz Provincial Capitol.

e. People's Park - This is the newly constructed (2008) structure of the City government in Baybay, Roxas City. What so nice about this place is this where you can find a lot of appealing stalls selling delightful seafoods where you can choose what to eat and where you can dine while watching the sunset.

There are some of the historical places that the province have. It is a testament of the richness of the history and culture of the province. Now, do you know how to get there? It will only took at about 45 minutes by plane and around 16 hours by boat from Manila, Philippines. But if you are from Iloilo City, travel time to Roxas City, Capiz will be approximately 2 hours by bus or by a private car.

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