Monday, February 23, 2009

Captivating Capiz-everything about Capiz

CAPTIVATING CAPIZ.....There are still a lot that you have to know about Capiz. There are still so many treasures yet left unraveled. Capiz is indeed an alluring place. Full of myths and legends, of indigenous culture and people, of wealth and bounty of nature, Capiz has a lot to be proud of. This province is side by side flocked by the blessings of Mother Nature that really makes her thrive and flourish through the years. Be it culture, natural or man-made wonders, and even unexplainable phenomena, Capiz has a lot of spots and destinations to be proud of. These wonders continue to cast a spell to backpackers and tourists who want to enjoy the way the CapiceƱos live. Take a look at some of the less known, yet awesome and breathtaking wonders that are truly CapiceƱo. More than just the seafood capital of the country, Capiz also has unique island features and stuff that you can find only in the said province that makes tourists each year come back for more. This is also the best place where you can get your unique experience if you decide to spend a weekend or a vacation trip.

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